Learn the Hebrew Alphabet Before Visiting Israel

There are only 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet, four less than English. Maybe you should learn it before you plan your next trip to Israel. As the picture above shows, many signs in Israel are in the three languages: Hebrew, Arabic, and English. So you will probably be able to survive and get-by without […]



Tel Aviv Hotels

By Oren Shatz Tel Aviv hotels offer the tourist plenty in terms of variety and lots of hospitality. Whether you wish for cozy bed and breakfast accommodations or want a home away from home in a nice apartment or are looking for an upscale hotel, Tel Aviv in Israel has some of the best accommodations […]

Israel Hotels – Best Kept Secrets

By Johnny Mayer Have you been to Israel before? Where did you stay? At a large, well known Israel hotel or smaller tourist hotel? They both have their benefits. The Israel Travel Center, a leading online Israel Hotels website knows ALL the hotels in Israel including some of Israel’s best kept hotel secrets. These Israel […]